Windows 10 Update Breaks File Explorer For Some, Anger Ensues

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Here are your Windows 10 update options so you can stay current. A newsletter about computers, gadgets, mf.dll download software, and the future of consumer tech. Microsoft’s free upgrade offer for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users ended a few years ago, but you can still technically upgrade to Windows 10 free of charge. While Microsoft has removed the special upgrade offer sites, the company continues to activate Windows 10 licenses for people who upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

  • Now log in to the user account and reboot your system to check if the system is working fine.
  • And this error is not specifically occurring on only desktops or laptops.
  • « So, we optimized this release to support our customers’ most pressing needs. »
  • Thirdly, specify the drive from the list and click on the Scan button to start searching for files in it.
  • After the security update has been installed, restart your computer .

This left Microsoft customers to fill that role via their Insider rings program. Still, the latest update of Windows 10 isn’t bug-free.

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Used solution #2 before I realized the problem so did it again after setting time/date, now it works. I’m unable to turn on network discovery also or turn off the windows firewall. I have already went to enabled started automatic all of the recommended services. After you complete the steps, the antivirus should not conflict with the upgrade process, and it’ll re-enable automatically after the installation of Windows 10.

This means deleting old files and uninstalling software you no longer need. If you have reasonably fast storage, the update installation almost always takes under five minutes, including both reboots. I am not sure about this, but I believe I receive these large updates at least twice as often as regular users, and even then I hardly even notice them. Compared to the endless iOS updates, Windows 10 updates are like a breeze. That said, you can also update by getting a copy of the Windows 10 installation media for the most recent release.

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Microsoft magnanimously made the Win10 version 1909 upgrade a ‘Download and install now’ option for almost all PCs. The cumulative devil’s in the details, though, and extensive testing has filled out some of the picture. Some users also had some frustrations with Bluetooth after upgrading to the new feature update of Windows 10. After upgrading to Windows 10 version 2004, a small number of users filed complaints about problems installing drivers using Windows Update. Fresh Start is a handy feature that allows you to reinstall Windows 10 without the applications and settings bundled pre-configured by the device manufacturer. However, since the May 2020 Update launched, the feature no longer works through the Windows Security app.