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Powerful, high-volume multifunction printers provide instant, secure access to documents, data and workflows—from every location and device. The industry’s most stringent security standard certification helps protect information processed by an MFP through cryptography, authentication and secure protocols.

Cura is the most popular Slicer software because it’s easy to use, free and in most cases will perform a perfect job of preparing your model for the 3D printer. ZBrush is a somewhat niche software for 3D printer users. It has limited use for most applications but it excels above all others for sculpting figures. If you want to 3D print tabletop miniatures then this is the software for you.

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  • BlocksCAD was specifically designed for educational purposes.
  • Its hardware is identical to the discontinued OfficeJet Pro 9015, but it comes with new software features, a longer warranty, and a six-month trial of Instant Ink.
  • It would enable you to create 3D models of any shape and size.
  • Scalable – Look for a 3D modeling software that offers powerful adjustment tools to efficiently scale the design of the 3D model to any limits.

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What marks Simplify3D above its competitors is the amount of tweaking it makes available to you. Whilst a lot of these settings are beyond the average user if you want snip it tool to get the maximum quality from your printer you need access to all possible parameters. I’ve always found Cura one of the easiest slicers to use. The design is very intuitive so even complete 3D printer newbies will be able to get to grips with it very quickly. And it is able to carry out most of the essential functions automatically, with little user input.

By testing our products, experts see how Xerox performs against the competition. I’d like to do sequential printing on my Zortrax M200+, and don’t think I can do it with their software ? However, if you can justify the cost because of the value on your time or because you’re 3D printing for business then Simplify3D makes perfect sense and is excellent value for money. To help you build multiple parts efficiently at the same time, you’ll find many options for multi-part printing, including sequentially. You can change the settings for parameters such as layer height and temperature for each separate part.

Business and workplace author, speaker and consultant Alexandra Levit unboxes the VersaLink C405 MFP, and offers people a chance to win one for their business. Xerox VersaLink C405 is featured in TechRadar Pro’s roundup of the very best workgroup printers for busy offices in 2019. Reviewer Jim Hill says, "For a medium-sized office, this large multifunction beast can really make short work of hefty workloads." Xerox VersaLink B600DN is featured in TechRadar Pro’s roundup of the very best workgroup printers for busy offices in 2019, with the B600DN coming in top. Every month, slews of industry analysts put our printers and multifunction printers through their paces.

Speaking to The Register, HP confirmed that it actually asked Apple to revoke the certificates of some older versions of its drivers. Neither HP nor Apple warned users and the action unsurprisingly caused printers to suddenly stop working altogether and receive an ominous warning. The drivers, however, may have actually still been completely secure anyway.