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Twine recently raised $6.75 million in venture funding to expand its services. Additionally, Patient IO sends push reminders for important health tasks and syncs with the native iPhone app Apple Health to enable seamless fitness and health tracking. Medscape .The free Medspace app is a resource for physicians, nurses, medical students and other clinicians.

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If you are having a hard time finding your medication, you can also use the app to find providers and insurance information. Other hallmarks includes its ability to perform dozens of calculations and identify pills using their imprint code or physical characteristics.

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Perhaps unfairly, the network has developed a reputation for being superficial and full of selfies. If you dig past the junk, you can find stunning photography, incredible artwork, and plenty more. It is again very popular means of marketing in the e-commerce sector. You can easily like any image and pin them or your own images to your feed. Linkedin serves you a phenomenal platform full of incredible opportunties / candidates. Other updates include Twitter giving users discretion over who can reply to their tweets, more context given to trending topics and the ability to react to DMs with the internet’s language of choice, emojis.

The platform is great for sharing videos and music as well as live streaming content across the web. Social media has opened the door of information to patients and fundamentally changed communication in ways never imagined 30 years ago. Apps and Web sites from professional organizations as well as private individuals and commercial businesses abound. Opportunities for both research and unique forms of social and emotional support are part of the trend. While there are obvious advantages to having so much information available, social media has disadvantages as well. Today’s clinicians need to understand how to access and evaluate social media for patient education and provide guidance for patients seeking health information from the cloud. The mass migration from broadcast TV to on-demand – and from big-screen to mobile – started a decade ago.

In the beginning, this app would force students to watch inappropriate videos before moving onto the next poll.Watch our Slingshot App video. is a live streaming video app that allows users to watch or APKs Archive – Download App APKs for Android broadcast live-stream videos. The app uses geolocation to share videos, so users know broadcasters exact location. Users earn coins on and some predators are using coins as a way to pay minors for pictures. Be aware that anyone can watch your students videos and access their information on the app. Kids are having a blast making shareable videos on the Facebook-owned app called Lasso.

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Never miss a message or interaction that matters to your business. This application is such a danger for kids as everything is anonymous. Sarahah helps you in discovering your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your employees and your friends in a private manner. This app seems positive overall, but we see the potential for addiction and hurt feelings if your teen is not voted for something they think they should be.

  • The Clubhouse algorithm takes all this into account when offering content choices.
  • On their site, Clubhouse says that people have used the app to communicate about things like political issues, day-to-day life and entertainment.
  • Content on IMVU is inappropriate for teens and avatars can be used to simulate explicit activities.

Video Display – Videos are a powerful way to get your message across. And displaying your video content on a live engagement display covering an entire wall makes a huge impact. You can use your advanced social wall to feature videos about local attractions, your venue, your company, vendor information, or your brand. It’s a great way to draw attention to your event and add an innovative touch to your venue. Sponsor and Vendor Promotion – Activity feeds aren’t just for attendee sharing. Vendors and sponsors can also use your activity feed to promote their products and services.

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Others let you store value with the app and spend from the stored value every time you buy something. eBay has been providing shopping services for 25 years and is considered one of the leading online shopping platforms for C2C and B2C services. Founded by Pierre Omidyar and based in San Jose, California, as of 2018 eBay provided its services in 33 countries. Use this bar code and QR-scanning app to access prices and reviews on thousands of items.