Need To Know: Best Secrets Truck Simulator Europe 2 App For Phones You Should Try | 2021.

Create squads of up to 4 players and establish communication with your squad at the very first moment. Answer the call of duty and lead your friends to victory and be the last team standing at the apex. Add-Ons – Customize your experience even further with free Add-Ons! If you’re more tech-inclined, you can modify data-driven behaviors in the game to create new resource packs. You can race against up to seven other players, whether they’re registered as in-game friends, nearby, or scattered around the world. While being downloaded 113,517 times since its initial release, it has constant updates.

  • That said, there’s still a long way to go in terms of making the series live up to its true potential.
  • Try to find a good spot to settle and grow some food, because other players may soon arrive as your children, and will need to be taken care of until they are grown enough to help you.
  • As the cost of fuel isn’t all that high and easily covered by the rewards recieved by deliveries, this skill can be ignored until the end.
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  • The atmosphere of the game is calm and relaxing, however a bit monotonous.
  • And also I would like it if you added hats so we could go to a store and pick out a hat.

The first fans of long-range simulations from Czech developers appeared in 2008 with the advent of the first part of this game. Thanks to the unique graphics engine, developers were able to easily create dozens of visually different interchanges in different cities that did not use video cards a lot. Speaking of trucks … there are a lot of them in Euro Track Simulator 2. They differ in technical characteristics, but are available for purchase only upon reaching a certain level. Cars can be tuned at your discretion – the benefit of tools is enough – there would be enough money.

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It was released on October 19, 2012, and is a direct sequel to the Euro Truck Simulator in 2008. Euro Truck Simulator 2 will soon receive a France DLC. The new content pack will let players drive across the whole country, including the revamped areas of France that are already in the game. The developers took care of getting licenses of known brands, so you can drive vehicles manufactured by Mercedes, Scania, and many others. Therefore, individual trucks resemble their real-life counterparts. You can also freely modify their appearance, as there is an option of mounting new halogen lamps and other refer to this web page elements, as well as change painting.

I strongly advise you to be a real trucker, and gain good experience. The main feature of the game is that all the roads shown here are identical to the real highways that run between the cities of Europe. That is, you must comply with certain speed limits and requirements, as on real roads.

Good Sim, Great Graphics, Needs Little Work On Mapping

The road network in Euro Truck Simulator is based on genuine European roads, and cities in the game bring the essence of their real-world counterparts to the game. If you like enhancing the sound, I’d also recommend the Road Noise Mod. As you increase your speed over 50 kmh, you’ll hear the truck joints moving, the wind on your windshield and basically get the sound sensations of driving a heavy truck on the highway. Realistic Truck Physics is a complete overhaul of the driving physics.