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It may be tempting to let your pet play in the snow for hours on end, but like us, they have cold weather limits, they Daily Hourly weather just aren’t as aware of them. So if it’s below freezing, you should limit playtime to under 30 minutes, especially if you have an older pet or one that’s compromised in any way. According to the Humane Society, you should never leave pets outside for long periods of time when it gets cold. In fact, leaving a pet outside alone in temperatures below freezing for more than 30 minutes is considered neglect, which is a punishable crime.

It has graphs for ten different types of weather variables that include temperature, wind speed, precipitation, etc. A cool weather app built to let you glance weather forecasts with utmost comfort. Advanced rain alert is one of the notable features of MyRadar. It is a patent-pending process for predicting hyper-local rainfall.

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And if you have radiators that can get hot, you might want to put a barrier around them as well so that pets don’t burn themselves. Right before winter hits is the perfect time to take your pets in to see the vet, because you’ll learn if they have any new conditions that might make winter a bit tougher on them. For example, chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and kidney disease can lower a pet’s cold-temperature tolerance. And, of course, new or worsening arthritis can make for stiffer joints during cold snaps. Dogs and, yes, even cats, can have a blast in the winter, exploring and frolicking in freshly fallen snow.

Monthly and yearly energy forecasts, analysis of energy topics, financial analysis, congressional reports. A chance of snow showers before 10am, then a chance of rain and snow showers between 10am and 11am, then a chance of rain showers after 11am. Rain showers likely before 9pm, then rain and snow showers likely between 9pm and 1am, then a chance of snow showers after 1am. While NOAA Weather Radio is one of the most reliable weather warning tools available, we strongly advise residents to have multiple means of receiving key weather information, whenever possible. This includes ensuring Wireless Emergency Alerts are enabled on your mobile phone, monitoring local broadcast media, and using trusted weather applications on your mobile phone.

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We need a Wiipedia or OpenStreetMap for weather—a non-profit, ad-free, non-tracking, community-based service whose only goal is the public good. The NOAA has the raw data and resources, but is reluctant to compete against the private sector. Has a professor done a scientific study of this? The Weather Channel has cable subscription income. Weather Underground was acquired by Weather Channel so it has now been filled with ads as well. Locals call Accuweather, “In-AccuWeather” because even though their headquarters is in our town, my house friends agree that we get no better forecast than from other sites.

  • Plus, your company is much less likely to have any « unpleasant surprises, » he says.
  • The subscription is fairly reasonable at $3.99 per year.
  • Superior storytelling at every weather angle, covering stories that matter to you most.
  • The radar on this one is one of the best we’ve ever seen and it’s the only one that even comes close to how good Dark Sky was.

If you think of the weather as part of your daily news digestion, The Weather Channel will feed you what you want. If you or a loved one live in a hurricane-prone area, Hurricane by American Red Cross will keep you informed on dangerous weather conditions. This temperature parameter accounts for the human perception of weather.