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I am supporting prop h because SF has long allowed the whims of few to determine the outcome for many. Those who oppose prop h do so because they like the feeling of control and the ability to extort small business owners. Everything from shake downs asking me to buy people new windows to requesting free meals in exchange for corporation.

Speed application development, improve click to download software quality, reduce business risk, and shrink costs. Liferay is unique among digital experience vendors in being able to support multiple business objectives from a single flexible platform. Liferay DXP supports the need for today’s organizations to digitize their operations and quickly create engaging digital experiences for customers, dealers, partners, and employees. Although digital banks such as Starling Bank and Monzo are still open to new applications, the lack of branches to deposit cash could be a problem for some small businesses. According to high street banks, they will not be taking any new applications as they concentrate on providing the government loans, such as the Bounce Back Loans, to existing customers.

Keep in mind that these people wanted to extort us in exchange for allow us to operate within the law and according to code. This has been an unfair and corrosive system for a very long time. Also we experienced delays for years due to simply inadequate guidance from the planning department. Small businesses have created one of the largest tax bases for the city of SF and are the corner stone of our city’s mantra “stay weird”. If prop h doesn’t pass the only beneficiaries will be big box retail.

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As those are some of the only business models that can negotiate the types of leases and spend the type of money that is required to do business here. I ask everyone to protect the integrity of SF’s small business community and vote YES ON H. It’s notoriously hard to open a small business in San Francisco. Well, the Planning Code and other codes that business owners have to navigate are like a tangled cord drawer.

Our Planning and Building Inspection departments don’t get along, and the permitting process involves an alphabet soup of other departments. Supposedly the City will soon be opening a “One Stop Permit Shop” at Mission and Van Ness that will finally get all those departments together in one office and on a unified software platform. We’re also glad that Prop F will give small businesses a break by lowering their taxes.

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