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The controls are damn simple, and one can easily learn it at a small period. One can easily perform some stunts, and a lot of tracks are available in the game to race through. The game has received a fantastic rating of 4.5, and it weighs at 34MB’s. The image is showing the top bike racing game.It offers cool 3D graphics and is a drag racing type game similar to a CSR racing game. It has received a whopping rating of 4.5 on Google Play Store; it has been downloaded more than 1 million times. The game is based on the story of underground rivalry and gang battles.

A normal event lasts for 3 to 4 hours, although longer events are not uncommon. To prevent circumvention of the maintenance restrictions, the motorcycles are kept overnight in secure storage. Sidecar racing is a category of sidecar motorcycle racing. Older sidecar road racers generally resembled solo motorcycles with a platform attached; modern racing sidecars are purpose built low and long vehicles. Sidecarcross resembles MX motorcycles with a high platform attached. Join in on the fun and drive all the latest super bikes, hottest super bike racing in the city streets simulator.

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Bike Racing Game Free is an exciting bike racing game in 3D. With no-nonsense gameplay, you better get ready to step on the gas and take turns as they come without wiping out. Cross the finish line first and rack up points as you go. Ride your bike by jumping, ducking, dodging and swiping up your way to the end.

You will have to deal with very treacherous tracks and also get a feel of real life bike riding all on your palm. There are hundreds of mad world and tracks with lots of amazing bikes. The sensitivity is a little bit high so be careful handling your driver. One starts from the low power motorcycles then unlock high power varieties as you accrue points during play. The tracks in this game are straight and therefore one need not worry about sharp turns and bends.

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If you’ve ever tried this game, you can attest to the dozens of racing events, magnificent visuals, and a very responsive gameplay the come with this game. Some of them might take a little bit of your space, that’s why you need to choose the correct games amongst a large number of games in the store. Try on the R32, Touareg, or GTI on an Italian race track in this GT racer. Ride your superbike across different levels and prove that you are the fastest real rider. Gas up your bike and get ready for the race of your life.

  • The most popular game series in the realm of overcoming obstacles is the Moto X3M series.
  • Have the thrill of authentic bike race action in bike racing games free.
  • In 2007 new MotoGP regulations limited the number of tires any rider could use over the practice and qualifying period, and the race itself, to a maximum of 31 tyres per rider.
  • Classes for 50 cc, 80 cc, 125 cc, 250 cc, 350 cc, 500 cc, and 750 cc solo machines have existed at some time, and 350 cc and 500 cc sidecars.
  • In Florida, Hare scrambles start the race with a staggered starting sequence.
  • Your intense driving abilities will help you get through all the complex obstacles and go to the next opponent and unlock new bikes.
  • The bikes cannot use « knobbies », they must use « Class C » tires which are similar to street tires.