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Update this documentation to resemble the changes, then implement them. The message forwarding procedures are rather complex, as there are several layers of websockes involved in the process. Decrypt file with AES-CBC using cipherKey and iv, and unpad it. Note that this means that your session’s keys (i.e. encKey and macKey from the Key generation section) are not necessary to decrypt a media file. All relevant information to send the file are now generated, just build the proto and send it.

  • Once you download the app, you find your friends who are also using Viber, and you can connect immediately.
  • (The word « telegram » appeared in WhatsApp’s code.) Some considered it an anti-competitive measure, but WhatsApp offered no explanation.
  • WhatsApp Greeting message as the name states, greets your customers when they initiate the conversation and write to you.

He goes overseas and adds an international roaming plan to his plan, then no, you won’t pay anything different. If he buys a local SIM card and you do not WhatsApp Business have the same rate to that number, i.e. your plan doesn’t support international and he traveled to Germany, then yes, you will get charged. If that’s the case that it’s a new number, I would check your current cell phone plan. My son is in Africa and we purchased a plan through AT&T that has unlimited texting for his iPhone. I know he needs to turn off iMessage so the texts are sent and received as texts but I think that he has to have cellular data turned off or the phone won’t work at all on a network.

Appear Offline On Whatsapp For Android

Saying WhatsApp is immensely popular is almost an understatement. Just this year, Facebook announced that WhatsApp had reached 2 billion active users around the world, and it’s pretty easy to see why. For example, if you need 2 lines with 1 GB of data each, you would select 2 GB of data with the data slider below.

You can do that by clicking on the three-dot menu icon and selecting Log out. 3.Windows users will need to run the .EXE file and follow the prompts. 2.Mac users will need to unzip the file, then move WhatsApp to the Applications folder. Setting up the desktop app is similar to setting up WhatsApp Web, but with one exception — you need to download and install the application first. You aren’t held hostage to using WhatsApp on your phone. Ive shut down all Cellular data and am strictly operating on Wifi.

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Similar to the WhatsApp Web format, the app, which will be synced with a user’s mobile device, is available for download on the website. It supports OS versions of Windows 8 and OS X 10.10 and higher. In May 2019, WhatsApp was attacked by hackers who installed spyware on a number of victims’ smartphones. The hack, allegedly developed by Israeli surveillance technology firm NSO Group, injected malware onto WhatsApp users’ phones via a remote-exploit bug in the app’s Voice over IP calling functions. A Wired report noted the attack was able to inject malware via calls to the targeted phone, even if the user did not answer the call. On October 29, WhatsApp filed a lawsuit against NSO Group in a San Francisco court, claiming that the alleged cyberattack violated US laws including the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act .

You’d have to contact them directly regarding acquiring a pair of these long range extenders. The relay devices are WiFi only (the app supports Bluetooth relay but in testing relays between Bluetooth WiFi incur heavy delays, so they are focusing on the longer range option of WiFi. Wait for 3GPP to come up with their ProSe, which will give proximity services in the range of 500m . A mesh network of a few phones can give you that kind of range. maybe another year you will have phones that support those features over LTE and would be useful in disaster situations.