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As you log what you eat, you can pull up a color-coded analysis of your daily intake. Yellow foods are more calorically dense and therefore should be limited. Red food should be eaten in small quantities only. Noom shows you a meter for each of these colors, and it fills up as you log different foods. You don’t get a meal plan, like you do with The MayoClinic Diet or Jillian Michaels. Instead, Noom classifies foods as green, yellow, and red.

Premium users can also view their overall daily rating based on how well they stick to their calorie budget. When each icon fills with water, the user knows they have reached their hydration goal for the day. The user can also enter their weight and get feedback on their app’s progress for additional support or motivation. Upon opening the app or returning to the home tab, the dashboard displays the number of calories left in the center. The simple mechanism of selecting favorite food items, typing in foods, or scanning foods make keeping track of caloric intake easy.

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This app‘s slick interface offers a wide variety of ambient noises, ranging from busy city streets and babbling brooks to campfires and torential downpours. This aesthetically pleasing workout-tracking app lets you easily enter information about your session. Hitting certain milestones unlocks achievements, and the app lets you add your own routines to your workouts. It also has a range of cardio exercises, but the app’s primary focus is on progressive barbell routines.

The walks and stretching sessions count toward your daily activity rings on your watch too. Words Words WordsPrimeNap is the second rebranding of this app. However, the app is mostly the same despite its new digs and name. It features detailed graphs, a sleep debt analysis chart, alarm clock functionality, and even some extra stuff like a dream journal and a noise machine function. It also boasts minimal permissions and no subscriptions, both features that we appreciate. List the habits you’d like to start , and the app will give you gold coins and health points for every step in the right direction.

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Here you can learn all about it and how to use it to reach your personal health goals. To get started, you can click the plus sign at the bottom of the screen. This will allow you to log your weight, water intake, exercise, breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks. While adding food, you can search the app, scan a barcode or choose from a recent favorite. While you’ll need to upgrade to get all the app’s food insights, you can view calories, carbs, protein and fat for free.

  • Stress & anxiety are amongst the biggest demons anyone could face.
  • The app offers resources for both eating and exercising, and it also offers free and premium plans.
  • Google Fit is the default fitness app for Wear OS devices , so you can expect to use Google Fit if you pick up a Wear OS smartwatch.
  • And while you’re recovering, the below apps can help foster a better body image and encourage a healthier relationship with food.
  • Plus, you can track your carb, protein, Download Lifesum APK for Android and fat intake.
  • I enjoyed having the short readings throughout the day, and many of them helped me to become more mindful of my eating habits.