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Somewhat confused as to how individuals are sourcing used board games. All used board games have to go as “collectible” on Amazon. Boris, it looks like reselling used board games through prepping services might free online multiplayer games not be the best use of your capital. When selling board games, you want to be 100% sure that it has all of the pieces, and a prep service might not do that for you.

You can check Keepa or CamelCamelCamel for pricing history on Amazon. If that doesn’t give you enough information, you can search for your game on eBay. My top choice for packaging board games is an impulse sealer with a heat gun. However, for smaller games, self-sealing poly bags are a great choice.

  • Even if you’re not a Back to the Future fan, it’s a smart and engrossing co-op adventure you need to try.
  • Unusual, accessible, and delightfully moreish, it deserves to be in everyone’s collection and on any list of the best board games.
  • Jaipur is probably the only entry on this list where you have to decide between collecting gold or camels.
  • You command one of several factions vying for power , and they each have unique mechanics that set them apart from one another.

Hello, I am just getting into buying and selling board games. I went to an estate sale and bought 6 brand new factory sealed games for 45 bucks. I did search them on amazon and they are bringing good money. The question I have is that I found a game for $100 and it is going for around $200 – $250 on amazon with a rank of around 88000, should I buy it? I guess I am just scared of buying something pretty expensive this early. A local rummage sale had someone selling a large quantity of board games and puzzles, all new and sealed. Sealing looks good, boxes look good, is there a good way to tell that it is in the original factory seal?

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I know some eBay sellers who source used board games locallyjust to sell the parts. When you think about it, it’s not a bad idea if you can get a whole used board game for $2 to sell the pieces for $1-$5 each. Board games sell on Amazon all year long, but things can really take off during Q4 . Many board games, both new and used, sell formuch more during November and December. Prices can really fluctuate on collectible board games, especially as supply decreases.

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Master board games, then move on to another profitable niche! Other profitable niches include books, toys, and grocery. I shrink wrap most of my collectible games with an impulse sealer. I would never send in a used board game to Amazon without any type of shrink-wrap or polybag. The only time I would bubble wrap it is if there were any very breakable game pieces inside the box, or if the board game was worth over $200 and needed lots of extra protection for the potential collector buyers. I understand you can’t like board games as used on amazon but do they have to be out of print to list as collectible?

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To answer your question, I’ll always buy a board game if it consistently ranks under 100,000 and at least doubles my money (100% ROI) after fees. I’ll buy a board game that gives me 50% ROI if the sales rank is consistently under 25,000 . I’ll also buy board games with higher sales ranks the closer we get to Q4. I’ll also buy board games with higher sales ranks if the ROI is really, really good. I’ll buy a board game ranked 300,000 for $5, because I think the game will sell for $100 within 6-8 months. It’s so much better to master one niche, than to be mediocre in multiple niches.